watashi wa tsuristo des

last week I was travelling a bit around Japan. When I planned to go there I thought that it was wise to make the most out of the trip, so I planned a long stay which should include visiting not only Tokyo but other cities. I bought myself a one week Japan Rail Pass (a flat rate train pass) and after the performance of the Dance Club, I set off for Hiroshima. I spent 2 days there (I posted something in the blog about it), and then left for Kyoto, were I spent 4 nights and used it as a base to visit Nara for the day. finally, I spent last Sunday in Osaka, righ before going back to Tokyo. all in all it was good, many beautiful sights to see, and some more nice people to meet. but I think it basically proved once more that I’m not cut for tourism. to be honest, I get kind of bored. I think I said this already, but I am not really interested in visiting a place. what really turns me on is somehow transposing my life (whatever that is) to a new context – that’s why Tokyo worked so well for me, I think. because I was still busy with my own artistic work, with meeting people, with cooking, teaching, going out, and with a lot of writing. my one week trip around Japan involved a lot of drinking, and some dancing (which was great), and hips and hips of walking, and it was surely a beautiful experience. but…


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