I am so overwhelmed
my enemies celebrate
the digital sun sets

My brain is struggling
against the desire
to quit. I don’t want to

The haikus get written
and I don’t know
how to count syllables in english

The cherry brossoms
but not under
the dark bridges close to station

Javi’s spirit is in the room
the owner invokes him
and I hold his picture in my hand

Make some notes while in that space
this haiku makes no sense

It ended up being very close
to where I stay
the place was just there

I think I am inspired
these poems are so bad
they make me happy

Soon I will pay and leave
it’s not so late but
it’s not easy to go out alone

A new page in the blog
collection of haikus
expresses my heart now

Wow that one was really
good and took all the
creativity this is shit

I didn’t write haiku
in long time and
I make myself do it

I am very sorry
for my poetry
I am not really

I still need to learn
how to count syllables
in english, yes.


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