when my computer starts, the music played is an excerpt of the opening theme from “Majinga”. the images and part of the music I used for the piece ‘This was this appears’ are from “Robotech”/”Macross”. one other piece I made was called “Totoro”.

“Robotech” was born when Carl Macek, from Harmony Gold, bought three Japanese series (“Macross”, “Southern cross” and “Mospeada”) that were too short for the American Market, and made one long story out of them, mostly by adjusting the texts in the dubbing. and I find that very interesting because it exemplifies perfectly the differences between Japanese and American animation – a big narrative difference, to start with.

when I watched “Dragonball” episode nr. 1 and they announced that the whole show would be about searching for 7 dragon balls that put together would grant a wish, I never expected them to actually achieve the big goal only after 8 or 9 episodes. in terms of narration, it was full of action and dynamic. new characters appeared every 1 or 2 episodes; after nr. 20 the main characters were married grown ups that eventually got children. and after having children Goku died, and remained an active character of the story whose death was symbolized by a halo on his head.

Japanese TV animation normaly uses a lower than normal average ammount of frames, but achieves great expressivity with very simple pans and camera movements on stills, or by using small synthetic gestures such as the famous sweat drops or spiralling eyes…

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