last piece of writing for today. I have a long day tomorrow, and I’m very tired.
October 17, 2008

last night, after improvising in the street and eating something, we paid a visit to one of the places I was still missing: the KARAOKE! but, to be honest, there’s not much to write about it.

I should just show you the videos 🙂 …*

* dear Matsuo, Rie, Yuki and Miki: don’t worry, I will not show the videos to anyone… nor will I publish them in Youtube… no, don’t worry… I probably won’t

October 17, 2008

empanadas. small meat pies. pasties. something like that though, of course, is not really about translating it. is about giving the recipe. empanadas are a typical dish from Argentina, and for us gaijin (foreigners), food is a typical conversation topic in Japan. so after being asked many times about Argentinian food, and mentioning – no, more than mentioning, after explaining empanadas several times, I decided to make them. so on tuesday, the day I spent completely at home (except for a short visit to the supermarket), Rie helped me and we prepared a dozen empanadas, small pies of a kind of puff dough, and typically with a filling of meat, onions, raisins, egg, olives and spices. so, we cooked a dozen of them, amassed the dough ourselves (while, in Argentina, the typical thing is to buy the individually packed dough discs in the supermarket), forgot the boiled eggs, forgot the onion, put a lot of paprika in them, and then tried to cook them oven-style but without an oven. or, even worst, with a very small oven intended for fish. this taught us that having them one centimeter away from the fire cooking them only from above can only lead to bad results. half way through we argued about it, but we ended up following Rie’s idea of moving them to the Microwave oven, that has a kind of oven function. I was a bit skeptical since that oven also cooks only from above and 3 days ago it cooked my (also typically argentinian) sponge cake in a very weird way…


conclusion: in spite of their looks, the empanadas were ok, taste was nice. but many things could have been better. hopefully I’ve learned for next time. the funniest thing about cooking this very very very very very typical Argentinian dish (which I used to eat maybe once or twice a week) is that I chose Tokyo (and an internet recipe + some improvisation) for cooking empanadas for the first time in my life.