wrapping up official calendar
October 19, 2008

today I taught my last class at ArchiTanz studio, which means I finished with all my programmed-official-profession-related activities. it was fun, I proposed different excercises from last week, more oriented to movement and movement material (so less walking and more dancing). I had a bit more people (11 students) and it went well, though today I felt more exhausted by the language difficulties. I was impressed, though, and happy, to see most of the people from last class come back today. some people were really having a hard time to understand and follow me (probably not only because of language), but still they came and worked nicely.

so, that’s it, then. I don’t know if it’s time yet for a reflection on the results of this trip (though I seem to have started with it yesterday). but I think it’s good to acknowledge that the ‘official program’ is done. maybe it will help me to relax and enjoy the travelling of next week, which is actually more scary than all the rehearsing and teaching.