maybe I already wrote about it in the blog?
November 1, 2008

I take the opportunity to note that Japan did strike me like quite a sexist place. like everywhere else, women and the female image are totally exploited for publicity and stimulation of consummerism. just the style might be different (they might look cute). and then both men and women seem quite used to the ideas that: men are priority, have to be served first, and housekeeping is basically a women’s affair. I hope this doesn’t sound too simplistic… I was really shocked by those codes, and I feel that Japanese people are really conditioned for it. I felt sometimes very uncomfortable.

motto capitalism
November 1, 2008

picking up from those comments on sexism, in the end almost everything takes me back to thinking about the logic, vices and (most recently and most problematicly) the merits of capitalism.

somehow Japan as a nation managed to overcome with enormous success a very hardcore situation. I’m not an expert on the subject, but it seems obvious that Japan’s evolution from 1945 to the present (or even just from WWII to the 1970’s) is admirable. and what’s interesting for me to think about (and super problematic) is the strategies and social models that were resorted to.

surely the social structure in post-war Japan can’t be disconnected from it’s previous social structure, but I have the feeling that the Social was very seriously engineered for economic growth. and yes, it sounds awful, it looks quite bad, but at the same time, the living standards in Japan seem far better than in many other places. so, I’m not proposing anything… I’m not trying to advocate for rigid social structures, or a moral of individual sacrifice. I just want to say that it does seem to be part of quite a big picture, and that when I think about it it makes me reconsider a bit, and it makes it more complex and difficult to criticize a system like that. that is what I meant before when I mentioned capitalism’s merits.

eye candy
September 25, 2008

no, it's not the same shop where they sell the Che Guevara ashtray for Y 47 000

yay!! hyper-consumerism has arrived!! and: no, it is not the same shop where they sell the Che Guevara ashtray for Y 47 000

isn't it a typical SNDO name?

¥ 315 000 for a ‘Che Guevara’ cigar box and a beautiful Tokyo-scape
September 24, 2008