I want to learn Taiko drumming

I want to learn Aikido

I want to practice Zen Archery

… – I want to learn Nihon Buyo

… – I want to participate in the Bon Odori

I want to spend a couple of nights in a Capsule Hotel

I want to visit a Love Hotel

OK! – I want to pay a few visits to Onsen

OK – I want to visit Kyoto

OK – I want to visit Hiroshima

OK – I want to visit also other paces in Japan

I want to try chocolate from Hokkaido, specially the dried strawberries covered in white chocolate

OK – I want to visit a Manga Kiza

OK – I want to spend a whole night in a Manga Kiza

I want to go to a Pachinko

OK! – I want to like sake

… – I want to like more fishes, sushi and seafood

OK – I want to try mochi (which last time I didn’t dare), in spite of it looking a bit disgusting and in spite of Wikipedia saying that in every new year celebration a few people die of choking on mochi

I want to have shoes like the ones people use during the Matsuri (Tabi)

I want a katana, and a ninjato, and a tanto

OK! – I want a real photo camera, not this shit on my mobile

OK – I want a voice recorder because the soundscape in this city blows my mind

Oh! – I want to speak Japanese! did I already say that?

I want to live in Tokyo.

OK – I want to go back home.

OK – I want to be in Amsterdam, in my appartment.

I want to be in Buenos Aires, in my mother’s appartment.

I want to be in my appartment in Tokyo.

OK! – I want to meet a Japanese graphic designer

OK – I want to get drunk on sake.

I want to find a DVD of Otomo’s ‘Akira’ that has english subtitles.

I wanto to meet Katsuhiro Otomo.

I want to meet Takeshi Kitano.

I want to see the Geinoh Yamashirogumi in rehearsal and in performance.

OK! – I want to see a Noh performance.

I want to see Kabucki.

OK! – I want to have fun in my rehearsals, and I want the other people involved to have a really good time in my rehearsals.

Ok… – I wanted to visit a Meido Kissa (Maid Café)

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